резервирай вила Елма


• Невша е село от Варненска област
• Голямото и Малкото елеме, Голямото и Малкото було
• Трижилковата метличина Centaurea trinervia
• Плиска и Преслав
• Мадарски конник
• Побити Камъни
• Екстремни спортове
• Риболов
• Варна и региона
• Шумен и региона
• Неолитно селище, Неофит Рилски
• Plateau Cycling Hub & Spokes cycling system

9229 Невша, Ветрино, Варна обл.
GSM: 088 881 0701
email: info@villa-elma.com
GPS: 43.273912, 27.301982





Plateau Cycling Hub & Spokes cycling system is designed for those who prefer to minimize changes of hotels and/or like the flexibility of being at own itinerary while exploring on a bike adventure.

We will assemble a tailored bicycle tour just for you, whether you are a group of friends with varied interests and abilities, or a couple seeking a romantic getaway. We operate with small groups from 2 up to 6 participants.

The Hub & Spokes cycling system means that each region is divided into several "hubs" and the daily rides you cycle are called "spokes".

The Hub & Spokes cycling system allows you to get familiar with one area before moving on to another. More info on http://plateaucycling.com/?en-hub-and-spokes-bicycle-tours-in-europe,10

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