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9229 Nevsha, Vetrino, Varna region.
GSM: 00359 88 881 0701
GPS: 43.273912, 27.301982




One of the most picturesque villages located in the Vetrino municipality is the village of Nevsha. An old legend tells how once in this village there lived an extremely beautiful girl named Nyagusha. A wealthy Turkish dignitary fell in love with her and decided against her will to take her as his wife. On the day of the wedding the young girl sacrificed her life to save her reputation by jumping from the high cliff near the village and her veil entangled in the rocks. Local people immortalized this sacrifice by naming the village after the brave girl. Over time, the name changed and today it is called Nevsha. 


The whole area around Provadiya and Nevsha represents a string of magical rock formations, many of which were inhabited in the past. For the fans of natural and historical attractions the locality offers unique places. Medieval monasteries – Golyamoto bulo and Malkoto bulo (the large and the small veil), springs with crystal clear water, forming small waterfalls that flow in bizarre rock formations, numerous pits and caves with attractive names – Ovcharskata cave, Black cave, Sofrata, Mechkaritsa, Srutishteto (Landslip), Malkoto eleme and Golyamoto eleme, Kominchetata, Dvoynata nisha (the double niche), Otshelnicheskaata (cloistered) cellar, the Dyuzata area etc  

At a distance of 3-4 km.from Nevsha there is the ancient fortress called "Kokil tepe kale" and only 20 minutes away from Villa Elma you can visit several natural and historical sites, such as: 

     The natural phenomenon "Pobiti kamani“ (the Petrified Forest)

     The Byzantine fortress Ovech near Provadiya-

     The Madara Horseman - one of the emblematic symbols of Bulgaria

     Pliska – the first capital of Bulgaria which you can learn more about at the National historical archaeological preserve "Pliska"

About 35 min away there is one more ancient Bulgarian capital (during the First Bulgarian Kingdom), Veliki Preslav.

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